Creating Digital Collectibles & Asset Log NFTs of Physical Goods at Point of Sale.


This document was last updated on 28th April 2023. The white paper is a product of NFT Workx (“the Company”) for the purpose of public dissemination.


NFT Workx was founded in September 2021 with the sole aim of helping creators, brands, businesses and individuals to enter the world of NFTs and Web3, by offering specialist services including consultancy, strategy, project management, PR and marketing.

Our clients included:

  • Artists & Creators

  • Sports Clubs

  • Brands

During this time we identified the biggest barriers, challenges and opportunities that the Web3 and NFT space offers. It is from this knowledge and experience that we have identified what we feel to be the most useful solution for the needs of the market.

This white paper provides information about the the business, the strategy and a break down of the platforms that we are developing, alongside the utility token that will power the ecosystem.


NFT Workx aims to be the global leader in providing automated solutions that create Digital Collectibles and Asset Log NFTs, of physical items at point of sale via the most popular eCommerce platforms. By providing a seamless solution for brands and consumers, we will help to onboard more users into the Web3 space at scale.

What Makes Us Unique

What makes the company unique is our experience within the rapidly changing and evolving Web3 industry. We have worked on multiple NFT projects for a wide variety of clients, across different industries and have identified, what we consider to be real world, long term use cases for NFTs.

This, plus the teams years of experience in developing software products and blockchain knowledge, will be the foundation for creating a new dedicated platform that will facilitate the automatic creation of digital (twin) collectibles of physical products sold at point of sale.

The platforms will utilise our own token that will offer utility in the form of discounts, access and other member benefits.

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