Q4 2021

Initial business planning, website launch, sign up clients and launch first NFT projects.

Q1 2022

Launch whitepaper, private sale, social media channels and expand the team.

Q2 2022

Development of the WRKX Token and 3rd party security audit. Phase 1 planning of the platform development.

Q3 2022

Asset Workx apps technology scope and assessment.

Q4 2022

Development of the Asset Workx iOS and Android phone apps.

Q1 2023

Asset Workx phone app launch on iOS and Android. Development of the NFT Workx eCommerce back end platform, NFT minting, Collectible Uniqueness.

Q2 2023

Launch of the NFT Workx eCommerce Apps for Shopify and WooCommerce. $WRKX Token Launch (IDO/IEO).

Q3 2023

Development and launch NFT Workx eCommerce App for Magento. Brand & retailer customer onboarding.

Q4 2023

Implementation of the WRXK token into the eCommerce and Mobile Apps. Development of Digital Collectibles as a Wearable option.
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