NFT Workx eCommerce App

The NFT Workx eCommerce Apps are designed to work with the most popular eCommerce POS systems (Shopify / WooCommerce / Magento etc).

  • Brands are able to sign up and install the app plug-in via the relevant app store and configure the digital collectible settings accordingly.

  • Brands can choose which of their products they want digital collectibles to be automatically created for.

  • Brands are able to choose a price for the digital collectibles or offer them for free.

  • Brands can add 'utility' to the collectible in the form of a discount, special offer, access to limited edition products, access to events and more.

  • The app will be seamlessly integrated at check out - enabling customers to choose if they want to purchase/claim the digital collectible.

  • When a digital collectible is selected, the image of the product will be used for the digital collectible along with an element of rarity which could include different colour/designs of the border, addition of a logo or image and a unique edition number/reference.

  • Details of the product i.e make/model/serial number/purchase date/amount paid/brand/retailer details etc will be included in the digital collectible meta data.

  • The buyer will be prompted to enter their wallet address to facilitate the transfer of the digital collectible after purchase. If no wallet is available the user is still able to claim/purchase the digital collectible, but it will not be transferred to the user until they claim it in the future i.e. once the user has a wallet.

  • On completion of the purchase, the buyer will receive an email confirming the details of the digital collectible and will also be prompted to download/install the FREE Asset Workx phone app so they can view the item.

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