The Solution

Our aim is to provide a number of easily accessible solutions for both creators/brands and consumers.

Solution (Brands/Creators)

  • A simple plug-in app for the most popular eCommerce systems (Shopify/WooCommerce/Magento etc).

  • The plug-in automatically creates a digital collectible (NFT) of the physical product being purchased, at point of sale.

  • Customers have the option to seamlessly purchase/claim the Digital Collectible at check out, in a familiar and comfortable way.

  • Brands can generate a completely new income stream or offer the collectible for free and increase the value to their consumers/fans.

  • The digital collectible provides an immutable record of product authenticity & ownership.

  • All data from the sale of an item is included in the digital collectible and therefore doubles up as a digital receipt.

Solution (Consumers)

  • Seamless experience purchasing Digital Collectibles via the brand/creator website.

  • Pay with their usual payment method (no crypto needed) and a wallet is not required (minting of the NFT can be delayed until the consumer has a wallet in the future).

  • Easily view their Digital Collectibles via the free to use Asset Workx phone app.

  • Digital Collectibles will also be Wearables for Gaming and the Metaverse.

  • Users can also log current assets via the Asset Workx phone app that they already own to help keep them organised.

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