Asset Workx Phone App

The Asset Workx phone app is designed to make it easy for anyone to view their digital collectibles and also to log and organise their other valuable physical or digital assets.
  • Users are able to download the App for iOS and Android.
  • Users are able to connect their digital wallet if they have one or register with an email address to access the App.
  • All NFTs connected to their wallet will display in the app (Ethereum & Polygon).
  • Users are able to view On Chain and Off Chain assets.
  • Users are able to log physical assets manually by asset type/make/model/serial number/purchase date/amount paid/retailer details plus they have the option to upload photos and receipts.
  • Users will be able to get insurance quotes for their physical and digital assets.
  • Users are able to mark assets lost or stolen within the app and share the details with their insurer.
  • Users will have the option to transfer their digital collectibles and asset logs with other users.
  • Users are able to add Next of Kin information to help protect and manage their assets.
  • Users are able to create their own 3D avatar within their profile that they are able to use in Games and the Metaverse.