The Problem

Technology Barrier

  • There is a lack of understanding for both brands, creators and consumers when it comes to Digital Collectibles (NFTs) which create barriers to entry for the mass market.

  • The majority of NFTs are focused purely on digital art with a disconnect from physical goods.

  • NFTs are mainly purchased on NFT marketplaces which are often complicated, and used predominantly by crypto natives.

  • There is a significant lack of automation in the process of connecting digital collectibles with their physical item, and the process of transferring it to the buyer.

  • NFTs are mainly sold via dedicated NFT marketplaces which are separate from the brands website or eCommerce store.

Counterfeit Goods

  • Luxury goods remain among the most popular product categories for counterfeit goods, sold both online and in physical marketplaces.

  • Counterfeiting is a highly lucrative activity for the criminal networks involved, which reap large profits while running relatively few risks.

  • Fake products and merchandise caused significant losses to businesses, as well as damaging the brand itself.

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