Who & Why

Over the last few years Web3 and NFTs have grown in popularity, however, these new technologies can often be too complicated for brands and consumers alike. This limits who can access the many benefits that these tools offer, and so NFT Workx aims to remove these barriers to enable mass market adoption.

From a consumer perspective, Digital Collectibles (NFTs) can offer a variety of benefits such as special offers, exclusive access, limited editions, discounts, memberships and more. This enables brands and retailers to offer more value with their products and build loyalty.

NFTs can also be used for brand protection on genuine products, by logging the purchase and item details as a Digital Asset Log (NFT) and by combining this with a Digital Collectible of the item.

This solution and strategy works particularly well with Fashion, Luxury Brands, Sports and Art, and it is these specific sectors that we are designing and developing our products towards.

There are more than 600,000+ eCommerce sites alone, in Fashion, Clothing, Footwear, Watches, Jewellery, Eyewear, Streetwear, Activewear, Sportswear, Apparel etc.

The Rise of Generation Z and Generation Alpha (Retail)

Younger generations are now spending more time in the digital world. Generation Z (born between 1997-2012) and Generation Alpha (born after 2012) have grown up with technology as a normal part of their lives, and as a result, they tend to spend more time online and gaming compared to previous generations.

Generation Z and Generation Alpha are the drivers of change and the future of retail.

They are digital natives, are born surrounded by immersive realities, and spend much of their time in games.

Physical goods should now be paired with a digital element (i.e. an NFT). This combination, along with the personalised utility (offers/access) represents the next level of customer engagement and brand loyalty.

Generation Z and Generation Alpha will continue their buyer journey in Web3, which is why it is so important brands to begin their journey in Web3 sooner rather than later.

If brands want to stay relevant and engage with the upcoming and growing generations of buyers in the next decade, then they need to include Generation Z and Generation Alpha in their strategy.

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