Token Utility

The NFT Workx ecosystem will be powered by the WRKX token which rewards and incentivises its users, creators and community.

App Users

WRKX Tokens can be purchased or earned by users who complete tasks such as claiming digital collectibles, adding assets, referring friends and sharing on social media.

Once the user has some WRKX Tokens, their member tier will automatically be set. Membership tiers are based on the total number of WRKX tokens held at that moment in time.

Based on the membership level, users will gain certain benefits with one of the main benefits that they will get first access to retailer special offers.

Members will be able to use/redeem WRKX credits for our Brand/Creator Digital Collectibles as well as discounts on selected physical goods.


Brands/Creators are able to use WRKX tokens to run product promotions to our community of users and run targeted ads on the Asset Workx App.

Brands/Creators can also offer their Digital Collectibles in exchange for WRKX tokens from the buyer.

This creates a token rewards eco system where:

  • Members gain early access to the best brand product offers and discounts

  • Consumers can get Digital Collectibles from their favourite brands via tokens

  • Brands can earn tokens from consumers via Digital Collectible offers

  • Brands can use the tokens earned for promotions and ads to get new customers

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