Team Experience

The management team has over 40 years combined experience within technology, marketing, blockchain, NFT and cryptocurrency, alongside a number of successful startups and established businesses between them. The team provides a well balanced range of skills and experience that is required to make a project successful including software and product development, sales and partnerships, marketing and community building, project management and finance.

The Co-Founders

Adam Leese - CEO
• 20 years experience in Technology
• 10 years experience in Crypto and Blockchain
• Won the Shell Livewire Young Entrepreneur of the Year
• Experienced Business Owner / Product Developer
Adam's Licenses & Certifications
Certified Blockchain Security Professional™ Blockchain Council (Credential ID 68486645)
Certified NFT Expert™ Blockchain Council (Credential ID 66406108
Certified Blockchain Expert™ Blockchain Council (Credential ID 11569208)
David Pouchie - CMO
• An Engineer by trade, Crypto enthusiast & Investor
• Social media & community building specialist
• 300,000+ followers across personal social channels
• Strong understanding of Web3 / NFTs

NFT Workx Team

Adam Leese - CEO
David Pouchie - CMO
Luke Highfield - CLO
Chris Cooke - CTO
Rashed Aloraimi - Executive Advisor
Jonathan Smith - Lead Developer
Nia Forrest-Owen - Operations Manager
Daniel Leese - Technical Analyst
Gabija Jakštytė - Graphic Design
Josh Roybal - AI Integration Specialist
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